How can I leave feedback?

To leave feedback after a booking

  1. On the evening after each booking, you'll receive a feedback form sent to your email address.

    Please select the number of stars you want to give, 1 start being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest rating.

  2. After clicking on a star, a web page will open where you can leave more specific feedback.

    Change the number of stars in case the selection you made in the email was wrong.

    Please put in any positive or negative feedback in the comment box, which will help us always deliver the best service to you.

    If you selected less than 5 stars, please also select at the bottom of the page why you weren't completely happy with our service.

  3. All feedback will be reviewed and actioned on by both our customer service team and the crew member. A customer service team member might get in touch with you to ask for further information or to resolve any issues that you might have mentioned or selected from the dropdown.


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